Automatic Jar & Bottle Opener 

Automatically opens all JARS and BOTTLES with twist-off lids from 1" high to 12" high, and up to 5-1/4" diameter of any shape.  Jaromatic is a patented small appliance for use in the home. Just place the jar or bottle in the center, close the safety door, then press the switch.  The electric motor automatically adjusts it to the correct height, then rotates the lid.  Takes less than 15 seconds to complete the cycle.  Requires no physical strength and can be operated with just one hand.  Ideal for persons with disabilities.  The safety door cannot be opened while operating so it's safe for anyone to use.

Jaromatic was granted a U.S. Patent.  Unlike a design patent, the utility patent for Jaromatic recognizes the unique mechanism that this appliance uses.  The latest modifications are a closely guarded secret; unknown to anyone except me, the patent holder.

Initial production of Jaromatic has been delayed.  However, predictions for a better year in 2021 may finally allow mass-production of this unique and needed appliance.  The target retail price is $49.95
Over 5 million automatic jar openers have already been sold:  Lids-off by B & D, One-Touch, and Hamilton Beach Open Ease.  None of these will open a bottle.  Jaromatic opens both jars and bottles with twist-off lids. If you or your company would be interested in helping to expedite the manufacture of Jaromatic, I would like to hear from you.  My goal is to see the Jaromatic mass-produced for the consuming public.

I am also interested in selling the patent outright.  Includes patent, web domain, all development prototypes in my possession, research documents, and the secret mechanism I developed which could extend the patent for another 20 years. 

Thank you for your interest in Jaromatic.  Contact me at the address below:
Jerry E. Russell

433 Swan Dr.  Bullhead City AZ 86442 


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